Iron Man And Spider-Man’s Relationship Will Evolve In Avengers: Infinity War


New team-ups will be forged in Avengers: Infinity War as characters such as Star-Lord and Tony Stark and Thor, Rocket and Groot come together for the first time in the MCU. However, that doesn’t mean the movie will forget the old favourite dynamics that fans have come to love in previous installments. Case in point: the Russo brothers have assured us that the relationship between Iron Man and Spider-Man is going to continue in the film.

As established in Captain America: Civil War and embellished in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony Stark is Peter Parker’s superhero mentor and, even though they differ on the best course of action sometimes, it’s clear they have a lot of respect for each other. Now, Infinity War‘s directors have teased that their bond will continue to “evolve” in certain ways during the movie, saying:

Anthony: Tony is still in his, you know, he sort of sided with the Accords. He’s playing out the consequences of that choice and still leading the Avengers who are not on the opposite side of the Accords. And the opposite side of the law at this point. And he still has this connection with Spider-Man that he’s established-

Joe: In Homecoming.

Anthony:  And that evolves. And they basically have a unique mentor-mentee relationship that continues to evolve as they move into this film.

This makes sense considering where Homecoming left them. After angling to join the Avengers throughout the film, Peter had finally decided to stand on his own two feet by the end, which marked a turn towards the pair becoming more like equals. That said, Infinity War will still see the wall-crawler getting a boost from Tony’s tech – Peter will adopt the Iron Spider suit during the skirmish with Thanos.

It’s also interesting that the Russos discuss the “the Accords” here, as it reminds us that Infinity War will have to deal with the fallout of Civil War, as well, with the Avengers split down the middle between Tony’s official Avengers and Steve Rogers’ fugitive team of underground heroes. Chris Evans has suggested, though, that Iron Man and Captain America will bury the hatchet in order to fight a bigger evil in the movie.

We’ll see how these characters’ relationships and more evolve in Avengers: Infinity War when it smashes into cinemas on April 27th.