Full Iron Spider Costume Seemingly Revealed Ahead Of Avengers: Infinity War


We are, at the time of writing, little under two months out from the release of Avengers: Infinity War, which recently traded its May 4th due date in North America for a global launch on April 27th. And isn’t that exciting?

Either way, with Joe and Anthony Russo’s blockbuster fast approaching, Marvel fans have been combing the Internet in search of story clues, artwork and any other piece of intel relating to what is undoubtedly the biggest movie in the history of Marvel Studios…so far.

That exhaustive search has already brought forth shimmering character posters and nine kinds of speculative tidbits – with the latest claiming that Iron Man and the elusive Soul Stone are actually one and the same – but one eagle-eyed Twitter user (h/t Heroic Hollywood) has arguably uncovered our best look at the Iron Spider suit thus far.

Feast thy eyes on it via the gallery below (which also includes some recent merch/promo art that features Spidey’s new duds):

Pretty cool, right? Keep in mind that this is not the finalized version, as Marvel’s range of merchandise – or any movie merch, for that matter – isn’t always faithful to its source material. But with its super-sized Spidey logo and mechanical prosthetics, we imagine this is pretty damn close.

Similar to Iron Man’s Model-Prime, comic book fans will know that the Iron Spider armor is equipped with protein-scale nanotechnology, which grants Peter Parker enhanced strength and even controlled gliding as he begins to confront Thanos and his nefarious Black Order.

Also of note, each mechanical arm touts a remote-controlled camera in the tip, allowing our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to peek around corners and get the jump on any nearby assailant – or nearby alien, given Avengers: Infinity War is all set to draft the Outsiders into the equation on April 27th.

Source: Twitter