Is ‘Eternals’ arriving on Disney Plus sooner than expected?

eternals nov 5 release

Eternals wasn’t a hit with critics, but fans still made sure that it was a number one film for two weeks before it slowly began to drop. At the moment, Box Office Mojo reports it to be making roughly $400-500K a day, far from the $1-2 million a day that Shang-Chi was making after 27 days of release.

Now rumors are swirling that the Eternals could be making their way to Disney Plus sooner rather than later, despite previous reports saying that Eternals wouldn’t arrive on the platform until Jan. 12, 2022.

New emerging details put the release at Dec. 22, 2021, which, going by the 45-day exclusive theatrical release that Eternals was given, Dec. 22 seems possible. Eternals was released on Nov. 5, which would actually make the 45-day run end on Dec. 20.

Thanks to Disney Plus Latin America, the release dates for Marvel Assembled’s next episodes have been announced. Hawkeye‘s Assembled episode was given a Dec. 29 date, which would be a week after the finale of his solo show airs.

While the Eternals’ Assembled episode in Latin America has been listed as being released on Dec. 22, if we look back to Shang-Chi’s Disney Plus release, both the film and the Assembled episode came out on the same day.

While nothing has been confirmed, the leaks are pointing to Eternals coming to our home screens before the end of the year, which would make sense, especially since Eternals will only begin raking in less and less money when Spider-Man: Now Way Home is released in a matter of weeks.