Marvel reveals when ‘Eternals’ is coming to Disney Plus

eternals nov 5 release

After ceding that Black Widow would be much better served with a Disney Plus Premier Access hybrid release this summer, which led to a very public fallout between star Scarlett Johansson and the Mouse House, Kevin Feige remained firm that the rest of his franchise’s 2021 releases would be theatrical exclusives.

It’s worked a treat so far, with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings toppling countless pandemic-era records on its way to a $430 million box office haul, while Eternals has easily shaken off the tag of being the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s worst-reviewed installment ever by passing $350 million globally in just three weeks.

Shang-Chi generated a ton of extra buzz when it premiered on Disney Plus as part of the streaming service’s two-year celebration, and it’s still the most-watched movie on the platform, so fans have been eagerly anticipating when Eternals will be following suit.

Marvel have now officially confirmed that Eternals is coming to Disney Plus on Wednesday, January 12 of next year. While some folks will no doubt be disappointed that they’ve got another six and a half weeks to wait, a combination of Hawkeye‘s four remaining episodes and the impending release of Spider-Man: No Way Home should tide them over in the meantime.