Is Namor a threat to Aquaman?


Is Namor a threat to Aquaman? Sounds like a fishy question to us.

It’s an interesting question, albeit a misleading one, so let’s get the conceptual stuff out of the way first. No, Namor is not a threat to Aquaman, at least not in the literal sense. Unless Marvel and DC are planning some sort of mind-melting crossover event, the Sub-Mariner and the King of the Seven Seas aren’t sharing the surf anytime soon ⏤ even if we’d love for them to.

Namor the Sub-Mariner made waves all the way back in 1939 on the pages of Marvel Comics No. 1. With his legendary introduction, the first aquatic superhero found his footing. Soon after, DC established Aquaman as its water-based champion in 1941. Since then, the two have been inextricably linked due to their similar powers and dispositions, which ultimately led fans to wonder: who would win in a fight?

The general consensus is that their battle would sadly end in an epic stalemate. They’re both evenly powered and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. That said, there are bigger fish to fry. Namor and Aquaman may never have an on-screen showdown at all. Why? Well, they’re both the rulers of Atlantis in their own separate universes, for one thing, so why would they? Namor loves the ocean, Aquaman loves the ocean. Namor wears tights, Aquaman wears tights. Sea where this is going?

More likely than not, their potential multiversal meeting would be a bromance to end all bromances, leaving fans around the world hooked. Theatrically, though, things are a little different. With the oh-fish-al announcements of the upcoming films Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the only “Avengers-level threat” Namor poses to Aquaman is at the box office. 

Now that photos from the Black Panther sequel have been released, the underwater sets showcased have spawned plenty of speculation across the internet, specifically about Namor and his cohort of Atlantians. 

It’s no secret that in recent memory, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been doing exponentially better than the DC Extended Universe. Namor has an entire cinematic history to draw water from, with Marvel’s backing to execute a fantastic introduction.

Where Namor would swim, Aquaman might doggy paddle. But is that likely? No. Aquaman’s first film, aptly titled Aquaman, did incredibly well for itself, grossing over $1.14 billion dollars worldwide. Jason Momoa’s performance of the displaced Dweller-of-the-Depths captivated fans everywhere, and that interest seems to be carried over to his long-awaited sequel. 

Namor, on the other hand, is expected to be little more than a secondary character in Wakanda Forever, meaning that his standalone moment in the MCU is far from becoming a reality. If you’re unfamiliar with Namor, you’re not alone. He’s a character largely forgotten in Marvel lore but a crucial part of its history. Take a look at the video below detailing the Sub-Mariner in all his angsty human-hating glory. 

For now, at least, Aquaman reigns supreme. How long will his rule last? That’s a different story. Tuna-in next time to get all your water-based superhero hot takes!

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