James Gunn reveals if Aquaman does canonically f*ck fish

aquaman and the lost kingdom
Photo via Warner Bros. Pictures

There’s no doubt James Gunn has shaken up the DCEU in ways never seen before, thanks to HBO Max series Peacemaker.

However, segments of the fandom were not so pleased with many of the perceived changes to continuity, regardless of how tongue-in-cheek they may be. Some examples mentioned in the show that have been stirred up a mixture of debate and fury include Superman having a poop fetish, and Aquaman having intercourse with marine life.

By design, it was hard to suss out what Gunn was introducing as concrete canon to the DCEU, and what was merely the result of the raunchy imagination and rumor-spreading of John Cena’s titular antihero.

In the final episode of the official companion podcast of the series, Podly, Gunn finally explains that most of what Peacemaker blurted out in the show is a figment of his imagination.

“All of these things that Peacemaker says about these guys, I want you to know…Aquaman doesn’t really f–k fish, Superman doesn’t like to get s–t on, Green Arrow doesn’t have a big butt hole in his Brony costume, he just has a Brony costume, Wonder Woman never eye f’d Peacemaker from across the room, she was probably looking at him because he had a stupid helmet on. So all these things are in Peacemaker’s brain. We should make that clear for everyone that none of that is canon.”

There you have it folks, Superman enjoying super Cleveland Steamers and Aquaman copulating with koi fish are not canon after all in the DCEU. So please, for the sake of everyone’s sanity, holster those Twitter fingers. There’s no need to sic team Snyderverse on Gunn over such silliness.

You can check out the entire first season of Peacemaker, including Thursday’s record-breaking season finale, on HBO Max now.