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Is ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ going to stream on Disney Plus?

The colorful kids' movie is all but guaranteed to be a family favorite.

Super Mario Bros Movie
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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is officially in theaters, bringing one of gaming’s most iconic properties to the big screen once again.

The latest Mario attempt is far from the first effort to bring the timeless plumber to film, but it very well could be the best. Despite complaints of Pratt’s very non-Mario voice, and a string of lackluster reviews, those who’ve laid eyes on the flick are largely praising it for what it is. It’s not groundbreaking, by any means — and no, Pratt’s performance as Mario is not “nuanced” — but the film isn’t really intended for an adult audience. Super Mario Bros. is a film made for youthful viewers, and it seems to be pleasing its target audience just fine.

Colorful, goofy, and rife with nods to its source material, the 2023 movie is a perfect fit for kids. Its time in theaters will likely see plenty of families pay the ticket price for the sake of their little ones, but not everyone is willing to shell out the increasingly daunting box office prices for a kid’s movie. They’d far prefer to wait for the film to arrive on streaming, but where will the film land once its time in theaters is over?

Will The Super Mario Bros. Movie be on Disney Plus?

It’s probably at least a few months out yet, but The Super Mario Bros. Movie will eventually arrive on streaming. Given its status as a kid-friendly release, most audiences are expecting the flick to drop on Disney Plus, but subscribers to the platform shouldn’t get their hopes up. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a Universal film, which means it will favor its own streaming service, rather than Disney’s.

With this in mind, streaming-minded viewers should keep a lookout for the latest Mario film on Universal-owned service Peacock. A deal between Universal and Peacock also guarantees that the wait won’t be too long, as films are required to drop on streaming no more than four months following their theatrical debut. That could see the film arriving on streaming in mid-summer, likely no later than early August. If it follows in the trend of the last two Universal releases, however, it’ll instead arrive closer to mid-May, likely right around the 24th.

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