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It: Chapter Two Said To Be Nearly 3 Hours Long, Not As Good As The First

The Daily Express has uncovered a new rumor which suggests It: Chapter Two is currently three hours in length, though it'll likely be trimmed down prior to release.

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At 1,183 pages, Stephen King’s It is a horror tome like no other – in fact, it’s so big, that it’s inspired not one, but two feature films at New Line and Warner Bros., the second of which is due to release in September.

True to King’s novel, it’ll take place 27 years after the fact, at which point Pennywise rises from his watery grave to wreak havoc once more. The Losers Club, by contrast, are scattered to the wind, and must return to the quaint town of Derry, Maine once news of Pennywise’s second coming begins to spread. That blood pact isn’t gonna’ honor itself, you know…

And so begins the story of It: Chapter Two, the star-studded sequel that’s said to be almost three hours in length. Citing an anonymous source on Twitter (!), UK tabloid Daily Express has relayed what it claims to be the first ‘reaction’ to Chapter Two, which is seemingly pretty good – but not as good as the first.

IT: CHAPTER 2 is almost three hours long. Pretty good but it needs work – the first is better. And that’s all I’m saying lest WB sue me into an early grave.

While this is likely a legitimate tweet, there’s a very good chance that It: Chapter Two will be trimmed prior to release. Remember, the first movie clocked in at around two hours and 15 minutes, so while this early cut is said to be closer to three hours in length, we wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. and director Andy Muschietti decided to scale back before placing their final seal of approval on the theatrical cut. Nevertheless, we’ll be keeping you right up-to-date as the sequel begins to coalesce.

It: Chapter Two creeps into theaters on September 6th.

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