IT: Chapter Two Writer Says A Spinoff Is Possible

Pennywise IT

Along with a supercut of It: Chapter Two being talked about by director Andy Muschietti, we’re also getting word that there may be more to explore in Pennywise’s universe. After all, given that the demonic clown has been knocking about for quite some time, we probably haven’t heard about all the residents in Derry, Maine that he’s terrorized.

In fact, the writer of both IT films, Gary Dauberman, has now said that a spinoff may happen in the future. Speaking with Comic Book Movie, the scribe noted that there’s more to discover in Stephen King’s classic horror novel and he seems interested in expanding on it as there’s “only so much of the story we could tell in the two movies.”

He wonders whether audiences would want to see a spinoff, though. And while we can’t speak for everyone, we’re pretty sure diehard IT fans would be up for seeing more of the demon’s bloodlust.

“I do think it’s possible,” he said. “Anything in the Stephen King Universe interests me but there’s only so much of the story we could tell in the two movie. There are definitely elements of the novel you could expand on and make its own movie. It’s just a question of whether or not people want to see it but I do think It was on this planet for a very, very, very long time and that’s a lot of bloodshed and a lot of stories to tell and I think you could do that for sure.”

Dauberman has also weighed in on his thoughts about the supercut that Muschietti’s planning. While he’s open to the idea of the sequel being combined with its predecessor to form a mammoth six-hour horror experience, he also said he’s largely pleased with how IT: Chapter Two turned out on its own. Which is fair enough.

In any case, the remake of Stephen King’s killer clown story has been a runaway success at the box office (especially with the first part becoming one of the biggest horror movies in history). While the follow-up was also considered a winner, the reviews put it just behind its predecessor. Still, audiences would no doubt love more of Pennywise and we can only hope that we get exactly that in the not too distant future. Be it via a possible spinoff or the much-discussed supercut. Either one would work for us.