It Supercut Will Include Deleted Scenes From Both Chapters

Pennywise IT

It: Chapter Two may have failed to hit the same heights as its predecessor at the box office, but the horror sequel’s $91m opening weekend saw it easily become the second-biggest domestic debut in the genre. It seems that audiences can’t get enough of Pennywise and the Losers’ Club, and luckily for them, director Andy Muschietti has been teasing a supercut of both installments in recent weeks.

Chapter Two clocks in at almost three hours, with Muschietti claiming that the supercut could run for as long as a butt-numbing six and a half. That seems like quite a big ask for the fans to sit through, but the filmmaker has now revealed that the potential back-to-back It experience will also include additional footage that didn’t make the theatrical cut for either chapter.

“We’re still talking about it. It’s in the early stages, but it’s going to be the two movies cut back-to-back with all of the scenes that were not included.”

The Stephen King adaptation may have become the biggest horror movie in history, with the sequel looking increasingly likely to follow suit, but Chapter Two in particular suffers from some serious pacing issues, and only diehard fans of the murderous clown and his arch-nemeses seem likely to willingly endure what could ultimately turn out to be a 400 minute supercut.

The Director’s Cut has become a staple of the home video release, and the novelty in watching the whole of It and It: Chapter Two as one movie would certainly draw huge interest from fans of the both the source novel and the movie series, but simply adding in new footage for the sake of it could ultimately dilute the impact of two individual suspenseful, gripping and often terrifying features crafted by Andy Muschietti and his team.