It And It: Chapter Two Supercut May Feature Scenes That Haven’t Been Shot Yet

It: Chapter Two

It: Chapter Two hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but Andy Muschietti is already dreaming of a potential mash-up between this film and its predecessor It. The director says that he envisions a massive supercut of the two movies, potentially including footage that hasn’t even been shot yet. Given that the length of the first feature was nearly two-and-a-half hours and the second installment clocks in pretty close to three hours, the possible mashup is expected to be very long.

Muschietti says that “it would probably be around six hours and a half.” Even the most ardent Stephen King fans might have trouble sitting through all that in one sitting, which is why the filmmaker maintains that the two pics won’t be blended together in the editing room as one whole movie. Instead, they’d play one after the other in sequential order.

In Muschietti’s own words:

“This is only an expression of desire, of course. The supercut is something that is not yet out as an idea. We have to talk about it. But I definitely want to make a supercut with material that nobody has seen because it was lifted from Chapter Two. But also new stuff, new material.”

A lot of this likely depends on how the feature does at the box office. The upcoming sequel is expected to do gangbusters, but disappointing reviews could end up leaving audiences with a sour taste in their mouths. Since this is expected to be the last installment in the spooky franchise, the high-profile actors associated with the series might not want to return to shoot even more scenes if they don’t think that fans will be interested.

With the premiere of this long-awaited follow-up less than two weeks away, Muschietti is already thinking about the future. For now, though, he sights should be fixated on the bottom line. As the old saying goes: don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

It: Chapter Two will hit theaters worldwide on September 6th.