First It: Chapter Two Reactions Call It The Biggest Disappointment Of 2019

It: Chapter Two

Pennywise the Clown is a horror monster like no other.

Similar to the Boggart of Harry Potter, or Room 101 from the George Orwell classic 1984, the character’s a manifestation of your greatest fear(s), be it werewolves or giant, pregnant spiders. And in a few weeks, he – or, rather, It – will creep back into theaters once again for It: Chapter Two.

It’s looking like it’ll be one of the most successful horror films ever as well, far exceeding the box office haul of the first part – for the record, Chapter One did about $700 million worldwide. And to ensure that hype is as high as can be, Warner Bros. and New Line have now allowed for the social media reactions to go live. Unfortunately, though, they’re not terribly positive, with one person even calling it the “biggest disappointment of the year.” Ouch!

Thankfully, not everyone was so down on the film. Below, you’ll find a few reactions that are mostly positive, which leads us to believe the upcoming sequel may be a bit divisive when it lands in cinemas next month.

With a lengthy runtime of two hours and forty-nine minutes, It: Chapter Two will certainly have more than enough time to tell the rest of Stephen King’s sprawling horror epic, as the Losers’ Club reunite again to confront Pennywise once more. And even despite some of these harsh reactions, we can’t wait to see how the saga concludes.

But what about you? Has this first wave of social media reviews put you off of the sequel? Or are you still excited to head out to theaters on September 6th for another round of scares courtesy of Pennywise the Dancing Clown? As always, sound off in the usual place below.