It: Chapter Two Director Teases Possible Supercut Of Both Movies

Pennywise IT

If you’re a big fan of horror books and films, you’ll be glad to hear that you won’t have to wait much longer to watch It: Chapter Two. After the decision was made to split up the Stephen King novel across two movies, fans have been eagerly anticipating the finale ever since the first part released back in 2017. This time around, several A-list celebs have joined the cast as well, given that the film picks up 27 years later, with the Losers’ Club heading back to the town of Derry in order to fulfill their promise and protect the world from Pennywise.

Seeing as how the two movies can (for all intents and purposes) be thought of as one film being split into two, some fans have been left wondering if Warner Bros. would ever release an alternate version of either pic, with a few hoping that a supercut (combining both chapters) would be made available. It’s not entirely sure what the company intends to do when it comes time to release It: Chapter Two on Blu-Ray and DVD, but Andy Muschietti has now weighed in on the matter.

As MovieWeb reports, the director of both films has been making the press rounds and said that he’d be happy to work on an alternate edition, with Muschietti revealing the following:

“The possibilities are open. There’s a version where the two movies are cut together. There’s a version where there’s a special director’s cut of number one and a special director’s cut of number two. And I’m happy to basically work on every one of them.”

As MovieWeb points out, it’s worth noting that despite It‘s success at the box office (it grossed over $700 million), the film never got a director’s cut, even though there was talk of it. That being said, both Andy and producer Barbara Muschietti have revealed that the first cut of It: Chapter Two was four hours long, and that the home release will include this extended version.

Still, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit before we get concrete details on what exactly will be on the disc. Until then, we’ll be watching the frightening second trailer on repeat and waiting for September 6th to roll around so we can catch the film on the big screen.