It Producer Confirms IMAX Release


The Losers Club (and Pennywise!) is headed to IMAX screens.

Three weeks out from release, it’s been confirmed that New Line and Andy Muschietti’s It remake will screen via select IMAX theaters, ensuring all of that potent nightmare fuel is projected onto the biggest screen possible. Barbara Muschietti, producer and frequent collaborator of her brother Andy, made the announcement via Instagram (via JoBlo), writing that, “Losers, we are coming out in IMAX!”

And for those anticipating It‘s due date, including yours truly, Muschietti’s post ought to generate more excitement than the last ten TV spots combined, as it ensures Pennywise and his reign of terror will be greatly amplified come September. One thing worth keeping in mind is that, at least so far as we can tell, It didn’t shoot any of its scenes on IMAX cameras, all but confirming that theaters will reformat Andy Muschietti’s horror flick to suit the larger screen. And really, that’s okay.

Pennywise and IMAX are a match made in horror heaven (or should that be hell?), and we fully expect New Line to stage one final push in order to get bums on seats come September 8th.

When it comes to tackling Stephen King’s beloved source material, Andy Muschietti has spoken at length about ushering Pennywise onto celluloid. In bringing the otherworldly demon to life, he made a point of portraying his Pennywise as “animalistic and instinctive,” and as if that wasn’t unsettling enough, the filmmaker spoke recently about how his goal was to keep it weird.

I just kept it weird. It’s weird all the time. Pennywise does things that make absolutely no sense, but they’re very disturbing because of the weirdness.

Casting-wise, it’s understood It, which is officially titled It Part 1 – The Losers Club to leave the door open for a potential sequel, stars Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Chosen Jacobs, Nicholas Hamilton, Owen Teague, Javier Botet, Steven Williams, and Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

September 8th is the date for your diaries, but will you be venturing out to see Pennywise in IMAX? Do let us know.