Several New It Photos Creep Online


Pennywise the Dancing Clown (AKA The Eater of Worlds) is not your typical movie monster.

Unlike, say, Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, Stephen King’s shapeshifting abomination is able to manifest itself in a variety of different forms based on its target of choice. With an insatiable appetite for children (frightened flesh tastes better, apparently), Pennywise often masquerades as a wisecracking circus clown to lure in his prey, while King’s demon also has an unnatural ability to morph into a person’s greatest fears and nightmares, which only has us all the more intrigued for New Line and Andy Muschietti’s imminent adaptation.

We are, at the time of writing, about one month out from heralding the release of It, and following up on this week’s Empire reveal – wherein Bill Skarsgård voiced his desire to scare a “whole generation” with his “animalistic and instinctive” Pennywise – New Line has now conjured up two brand new photos from the upcoming scarefest, which can be seen in the gallery below and feature both the demented clown and the group of children he’s after.

Between the haunting source material, vulnerable leads, and the otherworldly demon at its rotting core, all signs point to Muschietti serving up a potent dose of nightmare fuel with It, and the photos we have here today only offer further proof of that. There’s also the fact that the director has vowed to deliver a no-holds-barred adaptation of the King classic. As such, it’s small wonder why horror fans are beginning to tremble with excitement – a nervous excitement, mind you, but excitement nonetheless.

Angled to be the first chapter in a two-part Pennywise sagaIt Part 1 – The Losers Club has been earmarked for release on September 8th, and if it’s a 4-minute exclusive preview you’re after, you’d be best booking tickets to see Annabelle: Creation this coming weekend. It’s the latest chapter in New Line’s ever-evolving Conjuring universe, and it’s coming from the creative mind overseeing the development of the “fun, lighthearted” Shazam movie at Warner Bros. and DC.