It’s Fate vs. Strange as DC and Marvel’s superpowered doctors get pitted against each other

Doctor Fate, Black Adam (2022)
Warner Bros.

With Black Adam ramping up for a release later this month, it’s been the year of magical superheroes at the forefront of the box office, with the MCU having kicked off their own slate with their premiere sorcerer in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

But for what Dwayne Johnson can and has been bringing to the big screen for years now, just as many eyes seem to be on Pierce Brosnan’s turn as Doctor Fate, a magical being who wields the powers of the Mesopotamian god known as Nabu, and a member of the Justice Society of America, who are tasked with the infinitely toiling and less-than-rewarding job of neutralizing the titular antihero in Black Adam.

Assuming Fate survives the ordeal, what could be next on his docket? Given the unavoidable comparisons that get drawn between him and his Marvel counterpart, his battle against Doctor Strange has been a mainstay in the imaginations of comic book fans for decades, and if r/DC_Cinematic is anything to go by, this confrontation is far from over.

The Fate stans were in full swing, as would be the case on a DC-related thread, and one of them took the liberty of quoting fan-favorite pop culture webseries Death Battle!, which featured a showdown between the two heroes back in 2018.

One Strange faithful, fed up with the fingers pointed at Spider-Man: No Way Home, opined that the two character shouldn’t just be limited to their live-action appearances, noting the many impressive accomplishments of Doctor Strange in the realm of comic books.

One other responder opted to frame the matchup by throwing two other superheroes into the mix, causing an entirely new debacle in the comments.

We’ve still got a hot minute before DC and Marvel enter the public domain, but perhaps the cinematic multiverse will mutate to Chip ‘n Dale levels of absurdity in order to make this matchup happen before then.