J.K. Simmons teases comics-accurate ‘Batgirl’ family dynamic

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J.K. Simmons is teasing a comics-accurate dynamic to the Gordon family in the Batgirl movie. After debuting as Batman’s ally on the force in Justice League, the Whiplash star is making a return as Commissioner Jim Gordon in the upcoming HBO Max production.

As Bat-fans know, the film will be introducing his on-screen daughter Barbara Gordon into the DCEU for the first time, with the iconic heroine being played by In the Heights breakout star Leslie Grace. We can expect the Gordon clan to be depicted close to how they are in the source material. At least, that’s how Simmons is making it sound in a new interview. As part of a wide-ranging chat with Variety, the Oscar-nominated actor recapped how Jim fits into this movie as the loving father of the title character.

‘Commissioner Gordon, formerly Detective Gordon, is the father of Barbara Gordon; well, also the husband of Barbara Gordon, gets a little confusing. We call the younger one ‘Babs’ or ‘Bugs’, and she becomes Batgirl. I hope that wasn’t a spoiler, my seat didn’t get electrified so I guess I’m allowed to say that.”

Simmons is referring to the fact that Barbara was named after her mother, who from the sounds of it may still be happily married to Jim in this continuity. Which makes a change, as the Gordons’ marriage isn’t often a smooth one. Babs Snr. even became a supervillain of the Gotham TV show, in which she was played by Erin Richards. We still don’t know who is taking the role in Batgirl,

What fans are waiting to find out now, is whether Babs’ brother James Gordon Jr., will be featured in the film as well. He previously appeared in Batman Begins, as portrayed by Game of Thrones‘ Jack Gleeson. In the comics, James grows up to be a serial killer, which could make him a great antagonist for Grace’s vigilante. There might not be room for him in this one, however, given that Brendan Fraser’s Firefly is the main villain. Maybe in the sequel!

Batgirl is due to hit HBO Max sometime in late 2022.

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