Jack O’Connell And Julia Roberts In Talks For Jodie Foster’s Money Monster

jack o'connell

Unbroken star Jack O’Connell and Julia Roberts are both in talks to join Jodie Foster’s next directorial effort, Money Monster. The financial thriller is set up at Tristar, who have already netted George Clooney for the leading role of Lee Gates, an exuberant TV host who comes under attack during a broadcast.

Written by Jim Kouf, Alan DiFiore and Jamie Linden, the film exposes the world of insider trading through gregarious television personality Gates. On his show, Money Monster, he offers stock market hints and tips to members of the public. Clooney’s attachment to the project had previously only been rumoured, and is now thought to be verified in light of today’s news. This will mark a reunion for him and Roberts, who in the past collaborated on the Ocean’s Eleven series.

So, what of today’s newest additions to the cast? Both names were revealed in an exclusive from The Wrap, who expanded on the nature of the characters that O’Connell and Roberts are slated to play. The young British actor, whose star is on the rise, is circling the role of Kyle Budwell, “a blue-collar worker who’s fed up with being exploited by the sharks on Wall Street. With a baby on the way, he feels he has no choice but to take Lee hostage on the air in order to increase a stock’s value and expose the corporate crooks who have been deceiving the American public.” Meanwhile, Roberts will sidle up to Clooney as the show’s director and executive producer, Nancy Fenn.

A heavy-hitting cast and a starry crew indicates that Money Monster could be a serious awards contender upon release. The weighty subject matter – financial irresponsibility, economic stresses and of course, reality TV – are shoo-ins for Oscar consideration. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. With the final elements slotting into place for Foster’s next flick, cameras are set to roll in early 2015. Which means we might not be seeing Money Monster on the Academy ballot for some time.