Will George Clooney Be The Money Monster For Jodie Foster?


Jodie Foster is currently gearing up to direct the financial drama Money Monster. The project was announced over a year ago but is only now picking up steam. While financing still needs to come together, casting is already underway and according to The Wrap, Foster wants George Clooney for the lead role.

With a script by Alan DiFiore (Grimm) and Jim Kouf (National Treasure), Money Monster will follow Lee Cates, a “a TV money guru who gets taken hostage on air by Kyle, an ordinary man who lost all his money thanks to a bad recommendation from Lee. And ratings soar as a result.”

When asked for a comment, Clooney’s reps called the story “premature,” which means that the actor is likely not close to signing on and talks have probably only just begun. With an increasingly busy slate, there’s a good chance that this might not work out. Plus, Clooney is known for being pretty picky with his projects, so this is far from a done deal. If for some reason it doesn’t come together, The Wrap tells us that the project will likely be able to pick up another A-lister for the lead.

With Clooney now in talks and the film actively seeking financing, I imagine that Money Monster is going to head into production pretty quickly. Stay tuned as we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any and all updates regarding the project.

For now, though, head down to the comments below and let us know if you would like to see George Clooney take the lead role here.

Source: The Wrap