Jack Ryder Almost Appeared In Man Of Steel

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Zack Snyder and David Goyer dropped all sorts of DC Comic references and hints at future films in Man Of Steel, but it turns out one character, and potential future villain or ally, was shot down at the last minute. As usual, if you don’t want any spoilers for Man Of Steel, don’t read on.

Still here? Okay, great! Remember when Lois wants to reveal the existence of Superman and alien life but Perry White shoots it down? The blogger she takes the story to is named Woodburn (a solid reference to All The President’s Men), but David Goyer originally had a different name in mind: Jack Ryder. Check out what Goyer had to say below.

“I wanted that character to be Jack Ryder, but DC comics wouldn’t let us do it. I don’t remember the issue that stopped it from happening, I think it was a rights thing, but we only found out three weeks before production started so we had to think quick. I wasn’t going to go for [sometime Batman love interest] Vicki Vale, but I was desperate to come up with a new character that would work. In the end, this is how it happened, and we got to have fun with the Wikileaks thing too.”

Those familiar with DC lore know Ryder’s name well, but for those of you who aren’t, let me briefly fill you in. Ryder is a Gotham City reporter/talk show host, who first dons his famous yellow and red costume for a masquerade party, which he attends in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped doctor. His existence is revealed at the party and the mobsters who are hosting open fire, wounding Ryder. The doctor is able to inject him with a serum which heals his wounds and also gives him enhanced strength and agility (and a crazed laugh). He begins fighting crime, and eventually teams up with Batman to do some heavy duty fighting.

I say he’s a potential future villain or ally since he mostly fought for good, but at one point even joined The Secret Society of Super-Villains. He’s all over the place and extremely unpredictable due to the effects of the serum on his personality. He also took a job with The Daily Planet, and that sparked a rivalry with Clark Kent. It would’ve been a very logical development for the blogger who first broke the Superman story to get a job at The Planet, so it’s a bit disappointing that this got shot down.

That doesn’t mean the Creeper won’t show up at any point in the DC films though, especially if the Batman reboot does indeed go along the story of the Arkham games. He appears in both of them, though not in person at first. He can be heard giving a report in Arkham Asylum and then actually appears in Arkham City, having been locked in the prison himself. He’s a character that could easily be used in any number of future DC films.

What do you think of Jack Ryder showing up in future DC films? Would you have liked to see him in Man Of Steel? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.