Jackass 4 Will Address The Fact That The Gang’s Reaching Middle Age


Despite the brand peaking in popularity close to two decades ago, Johnny Knoxville and the gang will be back on our screens next year when Jackass 4 hits theaters. Coming over ten years after their last outing in the 3D third movie, the fourth installment was originally set to be released in March before being delayed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, then eventually getting shifted all the way to September 2021.

Of course, the franchise has done remarkably well both critically and commercially for a series born from a no budget TV show that gathered a group of friends together to partake in stunts that ranged from heartwarming and hilarious to dangerous and disgusting. In fact, Jackass is actually one of Paramount’s most profitable enterprises, with the four entries so far earning close to $490 million at the box office on combined production costs of just over $50 million. Not only that, but 2002’s Jackass: The Movie is the only one that doesn’t have a Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is more than surprising when you consider the content.

In a recent interview, Steve-O admitted that he while he was taken aback that a fourth outing was given the green light, he’s never really given up on the crazy stunts in the meantime, saying:

“I was personally very surprised that Jackass 4 came up. I thought that ship had sailed, and I didn’t really mind either way because I had created enough momentum on my own that I was gonna be okay without another Jackass installment. As far as me doing super physical crazy stuff, I never stopped. So it was sort of natural for me because I have been active the whole time doing stuff like that.”

Steve-O also revealed that the stars’ ages will be addressed in Jackass 4, because it could be a little strange seeing a bunch of guys in their 40s and 50s doing the same stuff they were doing 20 years ago for no other reason than to pick up a paycheck.

“Once the Jackass deals were done, though, and we all showed up to shoot, it was like we had never stopped. There was chemistry and it felt like we were right back where we started again. It felt great. Of course, with that said, the obvious elephant in the room is that a lot of the guys, myself included, are in the back half of our 40s and a couple of them are even 50, which… what the f*ck? So I think rather than pretend that’s not going on, it’s been a deliberate choice to take it head-on. I like all of our goofy little intros, and we just address it. We play with it everywhere and have fun with it. I did feel that our ages were a concern, like at which point does it get creepy? When is it not funny to watch anymore? But Knoxville feels strongly that the older you are, the funnier it is. I don’t know what the truth is, but it seems to be working very well for now.”

By the time Jackass 4 rolls around next year, audiences will no doubt be desperate for the sort of irreverent escapism that the movie will provide, meaning it could well turn out to be the franchise’s biggest hit yet.