Jackass 4 Delayed By 4 Months Due To Coronavirus Concerns


There’s still no clear end in sight for the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and the uncertainty that surrounds almost every aspect of modern-day life has caused absolute chaos in the entertainment industry. The upcoming release schedule is becoming increasingly barren as theaters around the world remain closed, and now studios have started delaying movies that weren’t even supposed to be released until next year.

With no timetable on when films and TV shows will be able to start shooting again, Paramount has pushed Jackass 4 back four months from the original March 5th, 2021 date, which is an obvious decision to make because now isn’t exactly the ideal time to gather together large groups of people to take part in dangerous stunts for the benefit of our entertainment. And so, we’ll now have to wait until July 2nd, 2021 to see.


Despite the fact that the original series went off the air nearly 20 years ago and we haven’t seen a big screen effort from the gang since 2013’s spinoff Bad Grandpa, the fourth installment was officially announced in December of last year. The franchise has been surprisingly popular with both audiences and critics, turning huge profits for the studio after earning almost half a billion dollars at the box office against combined production costs of just over $50 million, while the first movie is the only one that doesn’t hold a ‘Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Getting the crew back together after almost a decade though just goes to show that no property with any kind of name recognition or earning potential is ever truly done. However, it should be noted that Jackass 4 could turn out to be the most painful outing for Johnny Knoxville and company yet, given that all of the main stars are very much on the wrong side of 40 now.