‘Jackass Forever’ certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Jackass Forever
Image via Dickhouse Productions

While you wouldn’t typically expect a comedy franchise that skirts the line between disgusting and hilarious with reckless abandon to be showered in consistent critical acclaim, Jackass has a track record of Rotten Tomatoes success that countless blockbuster brands would kill for.

The first installment is the only one of the first trilogy (and spinoff Bad Grandpa) to wind up with a Rotten rating, with the subsequent three outings for Johnny Knoxville and the crew landing solid scores of 64%, 65%, and 61% respectively, which technically makes it one of the best-reviewed comedy properties in the industry.

However, Jackass Forever has been blowing its predecessors out of the water, looking at how positive the first wave of responses have been. At the time of writing, the long-awaited dive into debauchery boasts an 89% rating with 45 reviews and counting in the bag, which is quite frankly mind-boggling.

The early reactions to Jackass Forever were massively enthusiastic, too, and the film is expected to handily defeat Roland Emmerich’s $140 million sci-fi disaster epic Moonfall to top the box office this weekend, so don’t be surprised in the slightest if Paramount go knocking at the gang’s door to put the feelers out for a potential fifth entry in the perennially-popular series.