Jackass Forever Fans Outraged That Bam Margera Isn’t Involved

Bam Margera

Yesterday brought the first trailer for Jackass Forever, and it’s a testament to the enduring popularity of the brand and the relationship cultivated by the main stars between both themselves and their audience that it managed to generate warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia for watching a bunch of guys hitting each other repeatedly in the nuts.

Ehren McGhehey is the youngest of the core crew at a sprightly 44 years old, with Dave England the elder statesman at 51. Has time seen the Jackass ensemble tone down their daredevil antics? The footage answered that pretty definitively, and it’s a no. In fact, knowing that this is the last feature film in the money-spinning franchise, there’s every chance they could be pushing the envelope to new extremes to go out with a literal bang.

However, one veteran is not part of the film, and based on comments made by Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and director Jeff Tremaine, it’s not from a lack of trying on their part to keep him involved. The trio fought hard to convince Paramount to get Bam Margera on board in the first place, but he broke the terms of his contract by failing to remain clean and sober, causing him to be dropped from Jackass Forever.

Some fans still aren’t happy that one of the original gang isn’t part of the movie, though, and you can check out some of the responses below.

Tremaine has even filed a restraining order against Margera after receiving threats of violence, but it’s clear the cast and crew would much rather have him involved, because it means he’d have conquered his personal demons, but Jackass Forever will soldier on without him.

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