Is Jackie Earle Haley Joining The Batman?


As the DC Extended Universe continues to grow, more and more actors are lining up roles in films like The BatmanAquaman and even Justice League. Over the past several months, we’ve seen rumor after rumor pop up pointing to potential casting, and while some have turned out to be true, many remain as purely speculation. This latest one fits under that category, too, as fans now believe Jackie Earle Haley may be involved in The Batman.

Earlier this week, we learned that Haley’s Watchmen co-star Patrick Wilson will have a role in Aquaman, and now, it looks as if Haley could follow a similar path. That’s because DC head honcho Geoff Johns recently followed the actor on Twitter. While you may think that means nothing, and it very well could, Johns also followed both Wilson and Joe Manganiello shortly before they were cast in their respective roles.

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This all comes after both John Cleese and Armie Hammer were followed by several important DC-related Twitter accounts. And while neither of those actors have been confirmed just yet, this type of thing has panned out in the past. As we mentioned above, the casting of both Wilson and Manganiello was discovered well before Warner Bros. announced it thanks to fans keeping an eye on who Johns and other accounts were following. So who knows, there could be some truth to Haley joining the DCEU.

After all, the actor has worked with Zack Snyder before and there’s no denying that he knows how to play creepy, disturbed characters extremely well. As such, fans seem to think he may pop up as Hugo Strange or the Riddler. That’s purely speculation, of course, but we could definitely see it happening and would actually welcome it. Haley is an underrated actor who continues to impress with each and every role and after Watchmen failed to really ignite his career like it should have, we’d be thrilled to see him appear in the DCEU.

Tell us, do you think Jackie Earle Haley should be cast in The Batman? If so, who should he play? Sound off down below and let us know!