Jacob’s Ladder Remake Is Happening


It looks like yet another horror flick remake will be hitting the big screen sometime soon, as LD Entertainment has announced a brand new version of the 1990 cult hit Jacob’s Ladder, produced by Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig.

The original Jacob’s Ladder starred Tim Robbins in the leading role as Vietnam War veteran Jacob Singer, who suffers bizarre flashbacks and nightmarish hallucinations as a result of things he experienced both before and after the war. We watch as Jacob attempts to learn the truth behind the visions, slowly slipping further and further into darkness.

The movie was written by Bruce Joel Rubin who perceived the film as a modern interpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Liberation Through Hearing During the Intermediate State. Although the film was only moderately successful at the box office, Jacob’s Ladder has grown into a cult classic and has inspired many works of horror, including the Silent Hill video games.

Jeff Buhler, who wrote Clive Barker’s adaptation of The Midnight Meat Train, is penning the script based on an earlier draft written by When A Stranger Calls‘ Jake Wade Wall. For those of you who are thinking that the film will be a direct remake, it’s said that the new interpretation will be more of a homage than a mimic of the original.

According to The Hollywood Insider, “the plan is to contemporize the story with new situations and characters but still maintain a story that examines issues and poses existential questions,” much like the 2013 Evil Dead remake.

As of now, the producers are currently shopping for a director, so no news on that front unfortunately.

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