First Look At Will And Jaden Smith On The Set Of After Earth

What’s that? They’re letting M. Night Shyamalan make another movie? Really? The guy who gave us The Last Airbender and Lady In The Water is still allowed to work in Hollywood? Apparently so.

His newest film, After Earth, is currently in production and today we have the first stills of Will Smith and son Jaden on set. In addition to the Smith boys, we also have some miscellaneous set shots, some featuring Mr. Shyamalan himself.

The post-apocalyptic film will focus on “a family who crash lands on Earth 1000 years after humans have left the planet. While there, the heroic father (Will Smith) is captured and his underachieving son (Jaden Smith) must save him.

Honestly, I would have faith in this project if it weren’t for the hack director behind it. I like both Jaden and Will Smith as I think they’re both tremendously talented. The premise is also pretty intriguing and sounds like a great backdrop for a film. It’s just Shyamalan’s involvement that has me hesitant.

But who knows? Maybe he’ll prove us wrong. Maybe he’ll put out something that isn’t complete garbage. Maybe he’ll return to form.

Am I being realistic or are we safe to expect another Last Airbender? Let us know in the comments.