Jaden Smith Talks About One Thousand A.E.

Jaden Smith, hot of the success of The Karate Kid, is now focused on his next film, One Thousand A.E., being helmed by Hollywood’s biggest hack, M. Night Shyamalan. If the film has one thing going for it, it’s screenwriter Gary Whitta, the writer behind the fairly entertaining The Book of Eli. While not much has been revealed about the film up to now, Jaden Smith recently spilled a few details.

Being produced by Overbrook Entertainment, co-run by Jaden’s parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, the intention was to create a star vehicle for the young actor. This project turned out to be it. Jaden told Entertainment Weekly:

We’re reading the script right now. I don’t want to give it away because that wouldn’t be tight, but it’s set in the future and it’s about a journey.

Sounds riveting already, right? Shyamalan’s involvement is enough to raise an eyebrow but the fact that young Smith calls it ‘a journey’ only makes it worse. ‘Journey’ is a word used by actors or studios which means the film advertised will be a horrifically sentimental ride where the protagonist has to have ‘learnt’ something by the end. The futuristic setting isn’t selling me either, looks like another reason for Shyamalan to try 3D and ‘wow’ us with CGI.

But hey, at least the title isn’t as stupid as The Last Airbender and Shyamalan doesn’t have his paws near the script. However, seriously folks this looks for the moment like one to avoid, despite the vague detail.