James Gunn debunks yet another ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ rumor

Rumor and speculation are part and parcel of social media, especially as it pertains to blockbuster franchises and beloved properties, of which the Marvel Cinematic Universe and James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy series can definitely be considered an important part.

One thing that runs very much in the favor of dispelling falsehoods surrounding the MCU’s favorite ragtag group of intergalactic misfits is that Gunn tends to pour most of the cold water himself, given his proclivities as one of the most Twitter-happy filmmakers in the business.

Barely a day goes by without The Suicide Squad director debunking an uncorroborated claim, wild fan theory or other such scuttlebutt, and he’s recently been at it again. After catching wind of Adam Sandler’s near-miss for the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn was rapidly firing back with the cold, hard truth.

It’s one of the most recurring rumors we’ve heard about Guardians of the Galaxy, but neither Sandler nor anyone from his camp has ever confirmed that he was in the running for either Rocket or Groot. As it turns out, that’s because he wasn’t, but maybe now Gunn will finally get the chance to meet the Happy Madison head honcho in person for the very first time.