James Gunn declares ‘the greatest film ever made’ is…

There’s no denying that James Gunn has directed some serious blockbuster films. For DC fans, The Suicide Squad is one of the best things to watch in the DCEU. For those into Marvel movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy series has been a fan favorite. Those into horror will also know he’s connected to amazing movies like Slither and The Belko Experiment.

So when he went on Twitter today to talk about action films in a Twitter thread, no one was expecting his pick for the greatest film ever made. “Although I can, on occasion, be prone to hyperbole, I say without it here: Kung Fu Hustle is the greatest film ever made,” Gunn said on Twitter.

For those who don’t know, Kung Fu Hustle is a cult-classic film that features incredibly over-the-top martial arts and cartoon special effects. It featured many famous actors from 1970s Hong Kong action cinema including some that even came out of retirement for the film. It was released in 2004 and at the time, it was the highest-grossing foreign-language film in the US.

It was even so influential that it heavily inspired the recent Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. In fact, the landlady’s husband in Kung Fu Hustle plays Master Guang Bo in the movie.

Anyone who has never seen the film before and now wants to see it based on James Gunn’s glowing recommendation can find it streaming now on Netflix.

What is your pick for the greatest movie ever made? Sounds off in the comments!