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James Gunn hints he might make Scooby-Doo/DC crossover a reality


via Warner Bros.

DC fans have been celebrating all week, ever since The Suicide Squad‘s James Gunn was announced to be the co-CEO of DC Studios, the revamped DC Films, alongside producer Peter Safran. Thanks to his handling of the Task Force X sequel and its beloved spinoff series Peacemaker, the fandom trusts Gunn to steer the newly rebranded DCU (not DCEU) to some exciting new places. And maybe, just maybe, that includes a Scooby-Doo crossover.

Famously, Gunn’s Hollywood career began with his scripts for the two live-action Scooby movies of the early 2000s, so in the wake of his shining new promotion, Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott pitched the filmmaker the idea of doing a live-action crossover between the Bat-family and the Mystery Incorporated gang. As Slott pointed out, Gunn went ahead and liked his tweet, so now it’s up to (Doctor) fate to decide whether this will ever become a reality.

Obviously, Gunn liking a tongue-in-cheek tweet is far from a cast-iron indication that a Scooby-DC crossover is on the way, but honestly it’s not actually the craziest idea ever. Before recent developments went down, Gunn revealed that he’s confident he could get a Scooby 3 made if he wanted to, and the two properties have a long history of being interlinked in animation. Given the nostalgia for Gunn’s SD films and everyone’s love of crossovers, no doubt such a project would be insanely popular.

Of course, the real question is: which Batman should meet the ghost-hunting great dane? Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, or Robert Pattinson? The correct answer has got to be Pattinson. Just imagine how much cooler The Batman 2 would be if he was hanging around Gotham’s rooftops with a hungry, talking dog by his side?

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