James Gunn Confirms The Name Of The Guardians’ New Ship In Avengers: Infinity War


Eagle-eyed Guardians of the Galaxy fans will notice that Star-Lord’s crew are travelling around in a different ship in Avengers: Infinity War. Peter Quill’s long-term vessel, the Milano, is no longer operational, after it’d been destroyed during the battle with Ego in Vol. 2. We don’t learn much about the team’s new ride in the movie, though Chris Pratt had teased in an MTV interview that it had a new name and wasn’t simply the Milano 2.0.

Thanks to Guardians director, and Infinity War exec producer, James Gunn though, we now know that the ship is called the Benatar. Seeing as it’s not a spoiler for the film, he felt free to confirm this in reply to a fan’s question on Twitter.

The Benatar follows Quill’s trope for naming his ships after famous Earth women. The Milano was named after actress Alyssa Milano and the Benatar probably gets its name from singer Pat Benatar – we all know how much Peter loves his music. Presumably, we’ll see even more from this new ship in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Gunn went on to confirm that Yondu’s Ravager mothership, the Eclector Quadrant, which fell into Peter’s possession  following his adoptive daddy’s death in Vol. 2, is still around, even if it didn’t feature in Infinity War.

Lastly, the director was asked about where his brother Sean Gunn’s character, Yondu’s faithful number two Kraglin, was during the events of Infinity War. The end of the second movie seemed to suggest that Kraglin had become an honorary Guardian, but he was nowhere to be seen during the fight against Thanos. Gunn says that the character is “still around” though, so presumably he was back on the Eclector.

It’s intriguing to hear that Kraglin was busy with “important stuff” during Avengers: Infinity War – what could be more important than helping to stop Thanos? I guess we’ll have to wait for Guardians Vol. 3 to arrive to find out, eh?

Source: James Gunn