James Gunn Returns To Twitter With Cryptic Now Deleted Tweet


There’s been a radio silence on James Gunn‘s Twitter account ever since the social media controversy that unceremoniously ended his Marvel career occurred last July. That is, until today, when the former Guardians of the Galaxy director posted a bizarre out-of-context tweet to the folks who still follow him.

The message read: “Oh that sucks, David. Sorry, Man” and was accompanied by a GIF of Jim Carrey from Liar, Liar. Just minutes after it was posted, Gunn deleted the tweet, but here’s a screenshot saved for posterity.

Gunn was always one for dropping hidden meanings and easter eggs in his movies – remember the quest to find the final, huge easter egg in GotG that we’ll presumably never get confirmed now? – so fans have already begun analyzing this tweet for clues. For instance, who’s David? A character from Gunn’s script for Guardians Vol. 3?

Well, actually, it’s more likely a character from Guardians Vol. 2One fan worked out that the tweet was a clone of the one Gunn sent David Hasselhoff – who worked with the director on the Marvel sequel – back in July in response to the actor’s post about his pet cockatoo passing away. As such, the Twitter user suggested Gunn’s tweet was an old draft that had accidentally been posted today.

That’s a slightly convoluted turn of events, but could very well be the case. Gunn clearly wasn’t intending to post the message as he deleted it so soon after sharing, and from this we can deduce that the filmmaker still uses Twitter, but just doesn’t post anything.

James Gunn doesn’t look to be returning to Twitter anytime soon, then, nor is he making a comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s widely believed that the script he handed in for Vol. 3 prior to his dismissal will eventually be filmed, though. It seems the current delay is just being caused by the struggle to find a suitable director to replace him. Anchorman‘s Adam McKay recently revealed that he’d been offered the job, but to date, the studio still hasn’t found the right candidate. Once they have, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.