That Last Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg May’ve Been Found


James Gunn may be out of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, but it seems that the two movies continue to yield new secrets to anyone willing to put in the time to find them. The search for further hidden goods has continued well into this year, and though Gunn himself has been known to shoot down an idea or two, this latest piece of fan speculation just might be onto something.

The elaborate theory builds on a few previous discoveries from the first installment in this space saga, including the revelation that the coordinates for Knowhere (“M3RD17H 1721+121212 24”) can be decoded as “Meredith Quill X” and those for the Dark Aster’s coordinates (“T8IS IS 13O1319+31N3518”) translate tothis is mom’s cancer.” Scoff if you will, but stare at these digits long enough to figure out the logic and you’ll find that it actually checks out, hinting strongly towards the revelations to come in the sequel. And since Knowhere is said to be the hollowed out head of a Celestial, there’s reason to believe that the location was once a body part of Meredith’s actual ex and Vol. 2 villain Ego.

Anyway, the updated version of this speculation observes how in a scene on Knowhere, another Celestial named Eson the Searcher is shown in the Collector’s video using the Power Stone, making him one of the few characters other than Peter Quill to use this relic without disintegrating. Between this and the fact that a different character named Eson in the comics is Peter’s grandfather, you have the suggestion that this Celestial just might be the father of Ego. As for Ronan’s ship and its significance to Meredith’s cancer, the theory also observes how “Aster” is the name of a structure formed by cell division, so you can imagine what the connotations of a “Dark Aster” would be.

Seeing how Gunn looks to have moved on from Guardians of the Galaxy and gotten to work on his next project, it may be a long time before we hear confirmation on these ideas. But while you could perhaps point out a few leaps in logic in this line of reasoning, much of this theorizing makes a peculiar amount of sense.

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