James Gunn shares playful throwback pics of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ cast

James Gunn has shared some unique throwback photos of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast on Twitter. After years of being on hold, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is finally in production. As of last month, work on the much-anticipated cosmic threequel has begun, reuniting the whole ensemble cast in the process. The Guardians films contain some of the most beloved characters in the MCU, so fans are eager for updates from the new movie set.

Well, Gunn’s currently keeping what’s happening on the shoot under his hat, but to tide us over, he has offered up these throwback pics to some of the GotG gang promoting Vol. 2 back in 2017. The photos see Gunn himself, Yondu actor Michael Rooker, Gamora actress Zoe Saldana, and Star-Lord star Chris Pratt wearing oversized emoji versions of themselves in front of their faces. View Gunn’s tweet below:

Rooker’s presence in these pics serves as a reminder that Yondu sadly won’t be around in Vol. 3, following his self-sacrificial demise in the prior sequel. Rooker has pretty much appeared in every film Gunn ever made, so a cameo from the Ravager captain and Peter Quill’s adopted dad feels pretty likely. A flashback would be the most obvious way of doing it, seeing as Gunn has ruled out the idea of bringing Yondu back to life.

These pics also remind us how long it’s been since the Guardians last reunited as a cast. And unfortunately, we’ve still got a while longer to go yet. Though filming is already happening, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 won’t hit theaters until about a year and a half time in May 2023. The good news is that this time next year, we’ll have The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, a full-on one-off TV special featuring the whole cast to watch.