James Gunn vows to break DC’s long-standing gorilla limit that you’ve probably never heard of

the flash gorilla grodd
via The CW

James Gunn has quite the road ahead of him; together with Peter Safran as one half of the DC Universe‘s new co-chairs, the Guardians of the Galaxy mastermind will look to guide the struggling shared universe into a brighter tomorrow, where the likes of Superman, Black Adam, and the rest of DC Comics’ capes and crusaders will no longer live in the shadow of their Kevin Feige-fueled counterparts.

Lobo teasers aside, it looks like Gunn has made his first royal decree as one of the DCU bosses; that’s right, the infamous gorilla limit will be a thing of the past.

If you’re like most other people on this Earth and have no idea what Gunn is on about, here’s a quick history lesson; the 1950s era of DC Comics saw the popularity of gorillas absolutely skyrocket, and the subsequent trend saw an influx of gorillas on the cover of many an issue for Strange Adventures and Tales of the Unexpected, to name a few.

DC’s then-editorial director Irwin Donenfeld eventually implemented a “one-gorilla-a-month” rule after the situation got a bit too ridiculous. In any case, Gunn has assured us that the DCU won’t be hampered by any limitations on gorillas, so at least the simian enthusiasts of the DC fanbase have been guaranteed their satisfaction.

Judging from his relentless responses to fans on the matter, it’s all but confirmed that Gunn is taking this part of the job as seriously as possible.

We would all do good to remember this moment once the now-inevitable Gorilla Grodd solo movie comes into play; without any gorilla limits keeping Grodd and the rest of Gorilla City in line, they just might put Wakanda and Talokan to shame.

In the meantime, those of you looking for a quick DC fix can still catch Black Adam in theaters, which will have to tide us over until Shazam! Fury of the Gods releases on March 17, 2023.