James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad May Include Killer Frost


Now that we know for sure James Gunn is both writing and directing Task Force X’s next cinematic outing, incidentally titled The Suicide Squad, the team lineup is already looking to take shape. And as one would expect, it appears as though the former Guardians of the Galaxy helmer is taking the whimsical approach.

If recent reports pan out, then moviegoers can look forward to seeing King Shark, Polka-Dot Man, Peacemaker and a gender-swapped Ratcatcher standing in for most of the convicts we came to know in 2016. Aside from maybe King Shark, none of those mentioned were on my personal wishlist, but what can you do?

When it comes to familiar faces, however, that’s where it gets a little trickier. You see, while Margot Robbie is expected to return as Harley Quinn, Will Smith is out as Deadshot and Idris Elba could very well replace him as DC’s greatest marksman. Furthermore, it sounds like we shouldn’t expect for Joel Kinnaman to give the Rick Flagg role another go.

According to Discussing Film, at least one more new addition may be made to the crew, and that’s Killer Frost. Whether it be either the Crystal Frost, Louise Lincoln or Caitlin Snow version remains unclear, but this is someone I’m really hoping to see included in the revamped lineup.

Basically, I say that because I often picture Killer Frost as a quintessential member of the Suicide Squad when I think of it these days. Admittedly, this has much to do with Louise Lincoln featuring in Batman: Assault on Arkham and Crystal Frost following her lead in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, but I reckon those who’ve also seen those animated flicks will agree with me in saying that they outclassed their live action counterpart.

Actually, James Gunn going with either of those ladies could provide for a way to utilize the Killer Frost likeness without interfering with the Flash TV series, which includes Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow as part of its principal cast. Then again, that’s contingent on if the show is still around at the time of the film’s opening weekend, but my gut tells me it still has a few seasons left in its lifespan.

The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters on August 6th, 2021.