Did James Mangold Plan To Have Deadpool And Other Mutants Cameo In Logan?


Ever since it was revealed that Logan would be Hugh Jackman’s final time donning the adamantium claws to play Wolverine, fans have been holding out hope for some kind of appearance or cameo from Deadpool. Yes, the two characters were on screen together several years ago in the dreadful X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but most of us would rather forget that film even exists. Not to mention that the Deadpool presented there was an abomination.

Though there were rumors at one point which pointed to the Merc with a Mouth having a cameo in James Mangold’s upcoming threequel, it’s now been confirmed that such a thing will not be happening. And truthfully, we’re alright with that, as the character would have clashed horribly with the more moody and somber tone of Logan.

However, while speaking with us earlier today in NYC to promote his new release, Mangold revealed that one point, he was thinking of having several characters make a cameo. When we asked him if there were ever plans for Deadpool to show up, here’s what the director shared:

There were times early on in the story where I played with the idea of Hugh coming along, and I don’t want to give away anything, but I played with there being an underground railroad where there were a couple of other mutants that he met on the journey. It always seemed to detract from the loneliness of the story though and became a kind of cameo.

Still, there was always a curiosity. I’m so cautious of it though, despite how much fans want it to happen. You find these moments where you’re trying to please people and write these scenes where they’ll bump into somebody but it always just seems like an awkward cameo unless you can make it fit organically and the character is integral to the story.

While Mangold doesn’t specifically name who would have been part of this underground railroad, you’ve got to wonder if at one point, Wade Wilson was set to show his face. Sure, the Merc with a Mouth isn’t technically a mutant in the same sense as Wolverine, but he could be considered one.

Then again, the director could also be referring to other X-Men characters. It’s hard to say, but his comments are definitely intriguing and have us wondering how this underground railroad could have worked out. What he says about it detracting from the story makes sense though, and it’s probably for the best that the idea didn’t make it into the final cut of the film. From what we’ve seen of the threequel so far, it certainly would have felt out of place.

What’s interesting though is that Mangold’s comments here imply that the whole “mutant extinction” concept for Logan probably came about further on in development. After all, we know from the trailers that “mutants are gone now,” according to the titular hero, and if that had always been the case, then it wouldn’t have made sense for the director to throw a bunch of them in for Wolvie to meet on his journey, right?

Those are our thoughts, but tell us, what do you make of all this? Do you think Mangold’s idea for an underground railroad in Logan could have worked out? Or are you happy he cut it? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts!