James Wan Says Malignant Is The Horror Version Of Disney’s Frozen


If you’ve ever watched Disney’s Frozen, you can probably draw some comparisons to other television and film relationships. The sibling bond between Anna and Elsa is essential; it’s the critical component of the storyline for both films, and it’s a heartwarming one, at that.

One can easily imagine that Frozen‘s message and relationship may be mirrored in some comedy films, the heartwarming type that you watch when you need a pick me up, and even the movie that leave you in tears. You may not as quickly jump to the horror realm when you think of the movie, Frozen.

James Wan does, however, and he thinks his newest horror movie, Malignant, is a lot like the Disney flick.

Speaking about Malignant at a recent press event, ComicBook reported that Wan had this to say about the parallels between both movies.

Here you have a story about Madison with her own blood relation, her own blood sibling, which has Gabriel, who turns out to be a horrible person. But yet her adopted sister, not blood relation in any way, is actually the one that she has the most connection with. That is the one that is the most loving. And I felt like that was such a cool story to come at it from that perspective.

He went on to speak of how Ingrid Bisu, who worked with himself and Akela Cooper to create the narrative, was rooting for it to be a love story. She wanted to share that message, but she didn’t want to do it romantically.

And for Ingrid, she loves the idea of telling a love story, but it’s not a romantic story between the two leads. It’s a love story between the two sisters. And I love that. I haven’t quite seen that in a horror movie at least to this degree. And it’s funny that we jokingly refer to it as it’s like the horror version of Frozen. It’s like Anna and [Elsa]. But it really is like the horror version of Frozen. It’s sisterly love, it’s sisterly bond. And one of the many themes that the film deal with is the idea that can you be close to the people that you don’t necessarily share blood relation with? And what we want to kind of say in this film is it’s possible.

Frozen and Frozen 2 drew in audiences of all ages, not just children, and part of that was because of the relationships in the movie. At the end of the day, all Anna and Elsa had was each other. They had to rely on one another to successfully make it through any challenges, and even when things between them were cold, they still had the others’ back.

You can see Malignant on HBO Max right now, and then you can watch Frozen on Disney Plus if you need a feel-good movie after.