Jamie Foxx Goes Blue In New Set Photos From The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A good portion of the speculation surrounding The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been about which version of Electro we are going to see. Will it be the traditional green and yellow clad Max Dillion or will Marc Webb opt for a more modern iteration of the character and go with the Ultimate Spider-Man version? Jamie Foxx had teased that his character wouldn’t be wearing his green and yellow spandex, but we didn’t know what that would look like. Until now.

The folks over at Super Hero Hype have added more set photos to their gallery, and these show Foxx hidden beneath a hood, looking as if he’s more suited to bang paint filled drums on stage than battle our favorite web-slinging hero.

The Ultimate version of the character isn’t always blue. He was at one point bald and had horrible burn scars. However, after being defeated by Spider-Man, he reaches a more powerful electrified form where he can fly and perform other formidable feats. It’s in this state that he turns the blue we see. We aren’t sure if that’s the exact story that Webb is going to follow, but it’s worth noting.

We’ve included two of the best pictures of Foxx in our gallery below, but for those who aren’t familiar with the look of the Ultimate Spider-Man Electro, check out a picture of that character below.

It’s an interesting look, and certainly doesn’t have the campy vibe that the green and yellow tights do. Webb and the producers have tried to keep this series grounded in reality, and while the cartoon version of Electro doesn’t necessarily do that, the set photos that have hit the web definitely do. It’ll be interesting to see how much Foxx is struggling with his change in not only power, but skin color, as he doesn’t look too happy about it in these pics.

Check out a couple of the set photos below and then share your thoughts. Do you like this look for Electro or would The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have benefited from a more traditional look for its villain? Let us know in the comments section below.