Jamie Foxx Reportedly Still Set For Spawn Despite Electro Role


Comic book movie fans are buzzing at the news that Jamie Foxx will be returning to play Electro in Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man 3 in an announcement that nobody saw coming, and one that generates a lot more questions than it does answers. However, it certainly casts more doubt over the status of the Academy Award winner’s other in-development superhero flick.

Foxx has been attached to headline the Spawn reboot for years now, and recently reiterated his desire to see the project through to the bitter end. So far, though, the vast majority of news surrounding the movie has come directly from creator Todd McFarlane, and even he’s admitted that it isn’t a good look for him to be the only one shilling it.

Of course, McFarlane has been teasing some major additions to join Foxx and Jeremy Renner in the cast, but as of yet, nothing has materialized. And with Spider-Man 3 set to start shooting before the end of the year in order to hit theaters as scheduled in December 2021, that instantly pushes Spawn back by at least a few months, perhaps even longer depending on the extent of Electro’s involvement in the story.

That being said, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Ben Affleck would be returning as Batman in The Flash a month before it was officially confirmed – that Foxx remains committed to Spawn despite boarding Spider-Man 3. According to our intel, the Image Comics favorite won’t be getting in front of cameras anytime soon, so the 52 year-old actor seemingly took advantage of the gap in his schedule to join the MCU and still plans to headline the troubled Blumhouse project once the Spidey flick wraps and Spawn finally starts gathering some serious momentum.