Jamie Lee Curtis Pays Homage To Her Mother By Wearing A Psycho Themed Look To Halloween Kills Premiere

Jamie Lee Curtis honored her late mother Janet Leigh on Oct.12 during the costume premiere of her latest film Halloween Kills.

Leigh was famously known as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock 1960’s Psycho. Her most iconic scene in the thriller occurred in the shower, where the actress was bludgeoned to death. Leigh’s performance in the film was so memorable that she won a 1961 Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for an Oscar in the same category.

As a tribute to her mother’s legendary part, Curtis dressed up as Marion Crane by wearing a short blonde wig, a buttoned-up light blue dress, along with the most recognized accessory of them all — a bloody shower curtain.

Curtis subtly revealed in the caption that her goal was to honor Leigh in “all her glory.”

Aside from Psycho, Leigh, who had a total of 85 acting credits before her death in 2004, played in The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Bye Bye Birdie (1963), and The Fog (1980). In The Fog, Leigh starred alongside her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis. Following that film, the pair ultimately went on to play in Halloween: H20 in 1998.

The latest installment of the Halloween franchise Halloween Kills is set to hit theaters and Peacock’s streaming app on Friday.