Jamie Lee Curtis Says Halloween Kills And Ends Will Unpack The Original


Considering how director David Gordon Green blew me away with his Halloween sequel released last year, I’m highly intrigued to see what he comes up with for the next two flicks. In the case of Halloween Kills, I’m reasonably certain we’ll witness Michael Myers killing someone, whereas Halloween Ends sounds most enticing because Green will probably lend his own ending to the saga. I mean, there’ll be more of these movies at some point, but I look at this being his equivalent of The Dark Knight Trilogy, if that makes sense to you.

This telling of the tale isn’t exactly a three-parter in the purest sense, though, as it does follow the events of the 1978 original. Still, Green’s contribution has done a fine job of picking up those threads and showing the effects that “the night HE came home” had on Laurie Strode.

Speaking of which, Jamie Lee Curtis recently told Collider a little bit about the next sequel, saying how she also enjoys the connections to the first movie:

“What I love that David and Danny and company did is they connected the dots for forty years, now they’re going back to really unpack the first movie, bringing back all those characters whose lives were affected by what happened in 1978.”

Like I was hinting at earlier, I have no idea what to expect from Halloween Ends, but Curtis is able to offer the most cryptic of teasers, adding:

“And then the last movie is the sort of cultural phenomenon of violence, that’s what the third movie ultimately is, a very powerful examination of violence.

It comes at it from a slightly different way. You’ll like it…. If you believe in me at all, I promise you what David Gordon Green has come up with as a way to complete this trilogy is sensational.”

Halloween Kills arrives in theaters on October 16th, 2020, with Halloween Ends set to follow on October 15th, 2021. Filming is now underway, so it’s advised that you keep watching this space as more develops.