Marvel Fans Think Jared Harris Is Playing Doctor Octopus In Morbius


Michael Keaton’s cameo as Vulture in the Morbius trailer blew our conception of the Sony Marvel universe and the MCU wide open. From now on, it’s clear that both franchises are set in the same shared universe. And, with this news, Spider-Man fans’ thoughts immediately went to one place: this means it would be very easy to quickly form a Sinister Six for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to face, either in Spider-Man 3 or a separate spinoff film.

Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius and Keaton’s Adrian Toomes would be two of the team, while Tom Hardy’s Venom and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio (come on, he’s not dead) would be two more. Of course, Scorpion and Shocker also exist in the MCU, so they could fill out the ranks as well. However, it would be weird to have the Six without the villain who founded them in the comics: Otto Octavius AKA Doctor Octopus. But what if Doc Ock features in Morbius, as well?

Jared Harris’ character in the movie is being kept tightly under wraps, but in this trailer we can see that he acts as a father figure/mentor to Morbius. He’s a man of science, too, as a flashback to the Living Vampire’s youth shows Harris in a lab coat. He also warns the adult Michael of the dangers of going too far with his scientific ambitions. All of this sounds highly relevant to the man who ends up welding four mechanical limbs to his body, don’t you think?

Ever since Alfred Molina’s definitive portrayal of Octavius in Spider-Man 2, it’s become the norm to depict him with a tragic angle. So, if Harris is playing Ock in Morbiushe would clearly start out as a good man but could become a victim of the same ambition as his student. Whether that would happen in this same movie or a follow-up, though, remains to be seen. Given the secrecy surrounding the identity of his character though, Harris’ role is definitely a highly significant one and must possess a familiar name from Spider-Man lore. And according to tons of Marvel fans across various social media platforms, Doctor Octopus is the most obvious candidate.