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Jared Leto names Bela Lugosi and David Bowie as ‘Morbius’ inspirations

Jared Leto names David Bowie and Bela Lugosi as inspirations for his 'Morbius' performances, which isn't as weird as we were expecting.


Jared Leto has gained a reputation for being one of the most dedicated and committed actors in the industry, often going to extreme lengths when it comes to getting into character. Naturally, some people were worried that he’d become nocturnal and perhaps even start drinking blood to get into the mindset of Morbius.

Fortunately, not only does the Academy Award winner remain a staunch vegan, but he didn’t too anything particularly extreme in order to acclimatize to his upcoming role as a supernatural superhero. Well, director Daniel Espinosa did admit that he got a little frightened at points, but that’s far from the strangest thing we’ve heard about Leto’s on-set behavior over the years.

In an interview with ScreenRant, the 50 year-old was asked for his inspirations when it came to finding the right approach to the scientist-turned-bloodsucker, and he threw up two points of comparison that make a great deal of sense.

“You know, I’ve always loved vampires. I love the Anne Rice novels. One of the very first movies I ever saw was Dracula; that black-and-white Dracula. So, I’ve always loved that. I love The Hunger with David Bowie, it was a great film not a lot of people have seen. For me, there’s something iconic about the opportunity. It’s one of the roles that you want to play, so it’s great to do a different spin. This isn’t exactly a vampire, but some of those qualities are there.”

From a guy that packed on so much weight for Chapter 27 that he contracted gout and ended up in a wheelchair, intentionally blinded himself with contact lenses on Blade Runner 2049, and sent various bizarre gifts to his Suicide Squad co-stars that included condoms and anal beads, watching some classic vampire movies for Morbius is positively quaint by Leto’s standards.

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