Jared Leto Offers Frank Assessment Of Suicide Squad, Claims Film Was Pitched To Him “Very Differently”

UPDATE: According to a new report, Leto’s comments made in the video below were misinterpreted.

Few movies have arrived bearing the weight of hype and expectations lumped on Suicide Squad, and fewer still – save for Batman V Superman – have experienced such a steep second-week drop-off at the box office.

In light of scathing reviews, David Ayer’s anti-hero picture experienced a 67 percent drop in box office numbers during its second week of release. It’s still on course to break past $500 million, however, and there’s still a flicker of hope that Task Force X will assemble once again for a sequel.


Now that Suicide Squad is out in the open, one Skwad member who has been reflecting on production is Jared Leto, who recently partook in Camp Mars, a music festival held for adults. Inevitably, his turn as the Clown Prince of Crime was dragged up – as relayed by a Tumblr fan page – where the Oscar-winning actor conceded that he was disappointed to learn that Suicide Squad had bombed with critics.

Here’s a summary of Leto’s quotes from one attendee:

“He was very honest about the film this weekend; his disappointment in what he’s learned of the theatrical cut (he’s still not seen the film); feeling sort of tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently; thinking it would’ve been more artistic than what it became; feeling overwhelmed by the hate regarding the look and choices.”

Perhaps most interesting of all is how Leto claims Suicide Squad was “pitched to him very differently” in the beginning, which aligns with reports of internal strife early on in production. As for his contract with Warner Bros. – a contract that seemingly prohibited risky activities like mountain climbing – well, the actor himself had some choice words on the matter…

Source: Batman-News