Suicide Squad Closes In On $500 Million Worldwide


Despite the poor reviews, Suicide Squad got off to a very strong start at the box office last weekend, debuting to an impressive $132 million worldwide. As we approached this weekend, the film was closing in on $400 million and now, we’re hearing that it’s almost at half a million.

Earning a respectable $58.7 million across 62 markets, Suicide Squad now sits at $465.4 million, which must be making Warner Bros. pretty happy seeing that it only cost them $175 million to make. It’s not all good news, however, as the film saw a 56% drop this weekend, which is 10% less than what Batman V Superman saw, but still a bit worrying.

As such, it should be interesting to see how the David Ayer-directed release performs next weekend at the box office, especially given that it will face new competitors in the form of Ben-Hur and War Dogs. Neither of those films are expected to be box office juggernauts, mind you, but they’ll still be taking moviegoers away from the DC Comics adaptation.

Suicide Squad is now playing in theatres everywhere, and for our full thoughts on the movie, be sure to consult our review.