Suicide Squad Closing In On $400 Million Worldwide, New Photos Reveal Harley’s New 52 Duds


With Warner prepping Task Force X for its second weekend at the box office, it looks as though David Ayer’s Suicide Squad will sidestep that “historic” drop-off that clipped the wings of Batman V Superman back in March.

Word comes by way of Deadline, posting a box office forecast that reveals Ayer’s anti-hero bonanza is now tracking for $400 million worldwide, and will likely break past that milestone in time for Monday, August 15. The question for Warner Bros. now is how far could Suicide Squad really go? Early reviews painted the spinoff into a corner early on, but despite that damning critical consensus, the immediate future looks relatively bright.


Whether that warrants a sequel remains to be seen, though that hasn’t prevented members of Task Force X putting their name forward for a follow-up.

In related news, a new image hailing from Reddit (via Comic Book) appears to reveal that David Ayer and Co. were in fact considering an alternate costume for Harley Quinn – an alternate costume inspired by the New 52 comic, to be specific. It aligns closely with the famed Jester costume that was already glimpsed on set, but will Margot Robbie ever sport those iconic duds, perhaps in the spinoff?

Suicide Squad is out now in theaters. You can have a gander at the image of Harley Quinn’s alternate costume below, while our latest video feature presented our five favorite characters from David Ayer’s divisive offshoot.


Source: Comic Book

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