5 Characters We Loved In Suicide Squad


David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is now out in the wild, and though it seems to be dividing critics and fans right down the middle, there are definitely a few parts of the film that we can all agree worked pretty well. Aside from Ayer really nailing the look and feel of the source material, a few of the characters stood out as definite highlights, too.

Admittedly, the film played favorites, with some members of Task Force X getting a lot of time in the spotlight and others getting a bit of a shaft. This was always bound to happen though, given how many characters populated Suicide Squad. Luckily, though, the ones that did get a lot of screen time really made an impact.

And so, on that note, in the video above you’ll find 5 characters from the film that we really loved. From the Joker to Amanda Waller, these are the people who really captured our attention the most during Suicide Squad.

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