Jared Leto Says He Can See A Morbius And Blade Crossover Happening


In typical fashion, you wait long enough for a vampiric Marvel Comics blockbuster to come along, and you end up with two at once. Jared Leto’s Morbius may have wrapped shooting before Mahershala Ali was even announced as Blade at 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con, but there’s every chance the two movies could end up being released in the same year.

The Living Vampire’s solo debut has been pushed back several times and is now scheduled to hit theaters in January 2022, and while the Daywalker’s reboot hasn’t been given an official date as of yet, Disney did slot it in between Black Panther II and Captain Marvel 2 on their upcoming calendar, which would indicate that it’ll arrive between July and November of next year.

Of course, that’s entirely subject to change given that Ali remains the only talent confirmed for the project so far, but there’s no doubt been plenty of work going on behind the scenes. As for Leto, he’s been hitting the interview circuit for HBO Max thriller The Little Things and would’ve been right in the thick of Morbius‘ promotional trail had it not recently been delayed from March 19th.

Michael Keaton’s cameo in the trailer made it clear that the MCU and Sony’s SPUMC are going to cross over much closer than a lot of fans had initially expected, and Leto has now admitted that the idea of Morbius running into Blade is definitely something he could envision.

“You know, that is a good question and I could see that happening in the future. I do. I can see that happening, yeah.”

Morbius actually made an appearance in Wesley Snipes’ Blade that was cut from the movie but ended up as a DVD bonus feature, while Marvel denied Guillermo del Toro the opportunity to include him in the sequel. Things are looking a lot different these days, though, and based on how both respective franchises are shaping up, it remains very much on the table.